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Fully Qualified Nutritionist: Reflection Therapies, Swansea

As part of our holistic health service here in Swansea, we now include nutritional consultation. I am a fully qualified nutritionist and through providing nutritional advice and support, can help with a number of different conditions.

It is now well documented that the food that you eat and also, what you 'don't' eat plays a vital role in your health and your happiness. The same goes for the drinks we consume in our daily lives - they can play an important role in both health and disease.

Sometimes, even seemingly the most disabilitiating of conditions can be easily managed or completely cured by taking an in-depth look at diet and nutrition.


Some of the benefits from nutritional :

  • Weight loss
  • Increase energy levels and reduce fatigue
  • Keep the skin looking and feeling healthy
  • Control diabetes
  • Help reduce depression

My Swansea nutitionist sessions involve an Individually tailored consultation and questionnaire geared around your emotional and physical life from birth to date.

The process involves gathering information on siblings, parents and grandparents to complete a full picture of health and emotional background information.

A nutritional consultation in my Swansea clinic takes around 1½hrs.

The main aim of the consultation is to advise the right naturopathic medicines to suit the individual client. We strongly believe in a scientific approach, combined with good common sense, rather than fad diets.

Nutritional Consultation in Swansea

If you would like to have your allergy antidote tests in my Swansea clinic, or to discuss how allergy antidote testing could work for you, please feel free to contact me. The easiest way is to phone me so we can discuss your needs one to one, but you are also welcome to email me too.

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