Crystal Healing

How are crystals used?

I use crystals for many reasons. Every room in my home has crystals of all shapes and sizes placed in them. I use them to bring peace, harmony, health, wealth and well being into my home. I also use crystals in conjunction with Reiki to enhance the healing process.

Aromatherapy in South Wales

Crystals vibrate at constant frequencies, and aid the user to channel healing energies. A few of the treatments they can be used with are:

Reiki, acupuncture, absent healing, self healing, homeopathy.

Some healers can see a person's Aura and detect breaks or gaps which can lead to physical illness/imbalance.

Crystals can be used to heal these breaks rebalancing the Aura. Crystals are widely used to stimulate Chakra points on the body. Chakras are points on the body that gather energy.

Aromatherapy in South Wales
Aromatherapy in Swansea

There are seven main Chakra points which relate to specific organs/areas. If a Chakra is dis-functioning, it can vibrate too fast or too slow.

Crystals can help to re-align the Chakras rebalancing the bodies energies.

Crystal Therapy in Swansea

If you are interested in a crystal healing session here in Swansea, then please do get in contact. Likewise, if you would like to discuss how crystal healing may be able to help you in your situation, either on it's own or combined with other therapies I offer, please do give me a call, or email me. I am always more than happy to listen and to discuss how I can help you.

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