Allergy Antidote Testing

Allergy-like reactions take the form of both physical and emotional symptoms.

These reactions can be responsible for a myriad of symptoms including A.D.D., anxiety, depression, arthritis, respiratory problems, digestive problems, chronic fatigue, brain fog and panic attacks.

Any substance can cause an allergy-like reaction, and running the gamut from toxic chemicals such as petrochemicals to non-toxic substances such as eggs and perfume, which would be harmless to most people.

These reactive substances can be easily identified using non-invasive muscle testing. This version of muscle testing, adapted from Applied Kinesiology, has the patient hold different substances while consistent pressure is applied to their outstretched arm.

If the arm weakens or “give way”, it is an indication that the substance being held is weakening the person’s energy system.

Since substance sensitivities cause an imbalance in the body’s energy system, Energy Psychology techniques can then be used to balance the body in relation to the offending substances. The nervous system is reprogrammed to no longer react negatively to exposure to the substance.


Allergy Antidote Testing in Swansea

The incidence of allergy-like reactions has increased substantially in our society. There is an increase in asthma, skin allergies, environmental illnesses or multiple chemical sensitivities to the atmosphere.

We are being exposed daily to more and more chemicals and substances that our bodies were never exposed to during evolution.

An Allergy Antidote Energy Frequency tube is used for testing the client for allergies. The tube is put in the client’s energy field (by holding the tube).

The body’s reaction to the substance can then be muscle tested. The tube is amplified 10 times the intensity of the substance that the client is allergic/sensitive to. Once the substance sensitivity is identified, various energy treatments can be utilised to help reduce allergic reaction/sensitivity.


Arrange Your Allergy Testing in Swansea

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