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Testimonial - Reflection Therapies Swansea


"What can I say!!!

I have attended appointments at Reflection Therapies since December 2006 and what a difference Jan has made, personally, to my life.

For the last 25-30 years I have had severe problems with my bowels, this gave me intense stomach pains and made me constantly tired, irritable, bloated, constantly sick, and my skin was unhealthy and grey in colour. After many visits to the doctors over these years, nothing improved.

In fact I just got worse.

I was introduced to Jan's business through a friend and nervously attended my first colonic hydrotherapy therapy session. Jan immediately put me at ease and explained everything in detail. You have a detailed consultation about your health (more than the doctors have ever done) and she explains at every step of the way, what she is doing and why.

I feel that with regular sessions, I have got my life back - I feel marvelous now and clothes that I couldn't get into before I started the treatment, now fit with ease. I look forward to having this treatment done, it feels to me like a spa day, in an hour!

As you get to know Jan you realise what a special, caring person she is. Her clients are everything to her and she goes out of her way to help them. She has since treated me using EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) at times of severe stress, reiki (she is now, I'm proud to say, my reiki master), reflexology and Indian Head massage.

More than that, she listens......and I know that whatever is said and discussed, stays in total confidence.

If I feel I need any holistic treatment, I would certainly check and see if Jan does it first and I just wish that more people knew how special she is. I'm a client for life.

Thank heavens' for Jan! They really should bottle this woman!"


L - Swansea

Reflection Holistic Therapies 2006-18


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