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Meridians: The essential aspect of Chinese medicine is that Qi energy flows throughout the body.

Qi energy flows through, channels and passes to the internal organs and together with the blood, it supplies nourishment to the various parts of the body and ensures that the body functions normally.

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We are healthy when Qi and Blood – the basis of life – flow harmoniously within the body and by doing so, are balanced.

The channels through which Qi flows are the meridians in which we are familiar.

Qi and blood are aspects of Yang and Yin respectively, and to appreciate exactly how they affect our health, we need to understand how Yang and Yin apply to Chinese Medicine.

This priniciple is inspired by I Ching saying “In Yang there is Yin, and in Yin there is Yang”.

In Terms of facial reflexology, this means that within a painful z\one there is a point that is painless.

Covering the meridians as in Accupuncture, by using the tips of the fingers instead of needles.

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This technique was evolved in Vietnam by a man who suffered from chronic asthma and wanted to use a technique that he could carry out on himself.

Having had acupuncture on numerous occasions, he decided to learn the pressure points, by using his fingers or tool to relieve his asthma attacks himself.

He used all means at his disposal to understand this astonishing method, in the hope he would one day be able to heal himself as well as his family.

In Chinese medicine, they have been using the principal of Meridians for over 6000 years. You can target any part of the body through the facial lines to help with pain, stress, emotional problems etc.

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