Cleansing Therapy in Swansea

Cleansing Yourself and Your Home of Negative Energies

If we are feeling under the weather or feeling burdened with everyday life, it can not only affect us, but also our home and work environment.

We look at our home as our ‘sanctuary’, but this can be disturbed by outside negative influences. Our home can also leave behind negative energy from previous occupants.

Therefore, it is very important to protect ourselves and our home from negative elements, re-stating positive growth in ourselves and our home to regain our strength mentally and physically, creating an environment that’s inviting, nurturing, calm and warm, where positive energy can grow and flow freely.

At Reflection Therapies, Swansea, we can offer a complete cleansing solution for you and your home.


Things that can affect our home are:-

Thinking negative thoughts, arguments, depression, sickness, jealousy, lethargy etc., can affect the rooms that these thoughts and feelings have manifested. Most people can relate to ‘entering a room and picking up negative energies’ which have linger long after the event has taken place.

Do you live in a street where the same house comes onto the market time after time? Do you own a house which is proving difficult to sell? Again, this can be caused through negative energy permeating around you and/or your home environment. Have you inherited or acquired old furniture or ornaments?

These can also carry negative energy over from a previous owner. Therefore, cleansing yourself and your home can help you ‘move on’.

You will start to regain your inner strength and peace, also, when prospective buyers enter, they will automatically feel at ease and at home in your home surroundings, instead of, maybe, feeling threatened and wanting to leave before they have even looked around.


About Cleansing

Smudging, Reiki, Feng Shui and Tarot Cards are used to cleanse yourself, (your family if needed) and your home and surroundings.


About Smudging

Smudging is the name given to ceremony of cleansing or clearing or negative energy and giving affirmations or prayers of love, light, health, wealth, prosperity, etc., originating from the Native American Indians who have held these ceremonies for many centuries.

The Smudge sticks that we use and the ingredients are grown, harvested and imported by the Native Americans, and consist of either sage, sweetgrass, copal or lavender, or a combination of two. All sticks are wrapped with 100% pure cotton yarn.



Reiki is an energy healing which calls upon the universal energy to cleanse the body and environment of negative vibrations. On the body, it is channelled through the hands of the therapist through the 7 main Chakra points, which are found at the Crown of the head, the forehead, throat, heart, solar plexus, sacrum and base Chakras.

To clear the home, Chakra symbols are written in the air on all the walls of the inside of every room of the house.


Feng Shui

Originating from China, is based on the re-alignment and placement of furniture and mirrors etc around the house. We will look around the house and give advice on where furniture might be blocking a natural path of positivity or blocking of energy lines etc.



Using a crystal dowser to find any source of negative energy and using the dowser and placement of crystals and/or a combination of all the cleansing techniques to rid the problem.


Tarot Reading

Cards will be used to find out if a previous occupant or past situation is still in the house or the house owner. If found, a solution will then be applied to rid the problem. We can provide the service in the Swansea and surrounding areas for the following prices (exclusing petrol costs)

  • One bedroom Apartment/House.................................. £80.00
  • Two bedroom Apartment/House.................................. £100.00
  • Three bedroom Apartment/House................................ £120.00
  • Four bedroom Apartment/House................................. £140.00

(Larger properties will vary in price, depending on room size and amount of rooms)

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